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WANTED: Outrageous/Extreme

December 6, 2010

More “Cash for Pics”: $200 for best OUTRAGEOUS or EXTREME Mad Bomber® hat photos!

Warren clearing ice from his windshield...

Warren clearing ice from his windshield...

Go to our FaceBook page and post on our wall to submit the best photo of your Extreme or Outrageous  MAD BOMBER® hat by December 10 and win a $200 cash first prize, free bomber hat for second and third place. Visit our page now: Click HERE! If you don’t have a FaceBook account email your entry to

Rules are simple. No rules!
Deadline for “Extreme/Outrageous Mad Bomber” is December 10 at midnight Tibetan time (noon Eastern Time USA).


The moribund American financial sector

April 16, 2010

Just finished interesting meetings in Portland, Oregon regarding financing, strategy, and design for Mad Bomber®. The search for expansion capital continues in the moribund American financial sector. All banks appear to still be in lockdown regardless of other claims.  It’s very frustrating to grow our business 30-40% with no new capital and we can’t hire more Americans, Americans out of jobs.

Money makes the world go Round!

Money makes the world go Round!

China is now our third largest trading partner and we should be hiring staff to focus more on design, manufacturing, and exporting products and services and instead we’re constantly pounding the pavement looking for capital.

I’m en route to China now. They seem to be sitting on a load of cash but mostly it appears to be parked or loaned to large corporations. Looking forward to being back in China and working on Mad Bomber® design 2011, financing, and Q Global (film imports). And visiting with old friends.

Keep working and helping others…

The Mad Bomber…

two feet of snow….time to relax

December 22, 2009

Two feet of snow in Virginia, roads closed, schools closed, only sledding hills open.  All kids and grown kids happy.  Snowboards, sleds, shovels, saucers, sliders, little bombers…..too much fun.  Chocolate chip cookies, homemade Christmas cookies (check out Martha Stewart’s “royal icing”…that’s the trick), Grandma making brownies,  and our now famous homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches…..pure decadence.  

Shipments are late, shipping stalled, business down, retailers closed, economic disaster looms……but folks are stuck at home relaxing, playing with kids (did Sasha really download a $1 game from iTunes?), dance shows, more sledding, ice carvings, movies, frogs are warm and happy, dog is wild, good food and good friends and family…..remember Christmas is about giving…and that can be giving time and love, not always presents.  The gift of time and nice thoughts can be the best gift.  Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and good Holiday.

From our Friends @ the Farmers Almanac; Cold Winter!!!

September 9, 2009

As homeowners across the country pray for a mild winter to offset rising energy costs, the world-famous Farmers’ Almanac is warning us to prepare for the worst. “Numb’s the word!” is how the 192-year-old publication is predicting the upcoming winter season.

For 2008–2009, the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting a “numbing” winter, with below-average temperatures for at least two-thirds of the country. Only the Far West and Southeast will see near-normal temperatures. Few, if any, locations will enjoy many above-normal temperature days this upcoming season.

Precipitation-wise, most of the South, as well as the Midwest, should experience above-normal conditions, while the rest of the nation will average close to normal. With below-normal winter temperatures and an above-normal precipitation forecast, the Great Lakes and Midwest will see above-normal snowfalls, especially during January and February.