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1900 Miles on One Galleon!

October 25, 2011
Cape Finisterre is sometimes said to be the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. However, this is not true, since Cabo da Roca, in Portugal, actually the westernmost point of Continental Europe, is about 16.5 km farther west. The name of Cape Finisterre, like that of Finistère in France, derives from the Latin name Finisterrae, which literally means "Land's End".

Cape Finisterre (Cape End-of-Earth) - Spain

You may like or not like what Columbus Day stands for. Some associate it with the demise of the native Indians culture, some see it as the start of civilization of the Americas, but in truth it just marks a very historical occasion worthy of celebration. At Mad Bomber® we look on the bright side of thing, and any reason to have a party or a public holiday is worthy of observing. We do what we do best is the soundest and most responsible possible way.

Regardless of political impact it made, on 12 October 1492 Christopher Columbus proved to the Western world that the earth was not flat and that the West coast of Spain was not the edge of the world, and yes, he was also the first person to get 1900 miles on one galleon….

Did you know that people still walk to the edge of the world? The Latin name Finisterrae literally means “Land’s End”, and  Cape Finisterreis a rocky cape on the west coast of Spain, on the edge of Europe. The people who walk there are the modern day pilgrims who walk the 500 mile El Camino de Santiagio de Compostella. It is a 4-6 week hike popular with old and young of all nationalities, some who do it for fun, some do it for spiritual and others do it for no reason other than to just do it. The religious part of the ‘pilgrimage’ officially ends at Santiago de Compostella, at a huge cathedral that allegedly houses the remains of St James the apostle. The pagans often continue the additionally 80 kilometers so they can say they walked to the edge of the world.

Now that we have reminded you of this wonderful adventure thanks to Columbus we hope we have inspired you to take out some time to exercise, not to do the 2000 mile plus Appalachian Trail or the Himalayan Annapurna Circuit that goes over 25000ft in elevation, but just put on a warm mad Bomber hat and go for a walk in the woods, knowing that one day you could go for a nice one month hike in Spain to repent your sins.



Mad Bomber – Be Cool

August 10, 2011
Ready for the cold change...

Ready for the cold change...

The USA is currently experiencing extreme heat. You noticed? No cool hat is going to save you from this kind of heat. It is too hot to think about winter hats in the USA right now, so I will write about the cool side of our hats. We do have the coolest hats as you know.

How do living creatures deal with heat? How do we even identify hot animals and humans. Humans sweat. It is obvious that when you see a human drenched in sweat that he or she is hot. Have you ever seen an animal sweat? Not likely hey. Some animals do sweat, but not on or under their fur. They tend to have sweat glands on the soles of their feet, one of the few non furry parts of their body. Most animals find a cool spot and pant when they are hot, think of a dog or even a cat or bird. When they are exposed to hot temperatures they pant. Their energy levels go down and we watch them sprawled out on the floor, in the shade, on the grass, in a puddle. Birds sometimes spread their wings too, catching a bit of a breeze through them. In fact birds actually get goosebumps in the heat, when their hair/feather shafts become erect, giving them more surface area to cool with their feathers more spread out.

So, moving right along, we now know that too much heat is uncomfortable: Hot is the uncomfortable sensation of heat according to the dictionary. Hot food causcauses a burning sensation in the mouth (heat or chili). It is not desirable to get hot under the collar or drive a hot car, meaning stolen.

Describing something as hot ought not pertain to a positive description of anything. So why do we still describe some dresses as ‘hot’, or go see a band that is ‘hot’ when hot is far from comfortable. Why are we hot on the trail, and that is good too, or when you are close to finding something in a game of hide and seek you are also getting hot. We getting confused now?

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question , but according to hot was used as early as the 1500s as sexy, and in hot on the trail in hunting in the 1600s. In 1895 it became to mean exciting and remarkable, but the negative meanings started in 1895 when hot started to be used to describe stolen property.

As opposed to hot the word Cool, as in Mad Bomber®Hats, can only describe positive vibes. Cool is comfortable, not freezing! Cool was used as early as 1730 in the description of a cool sum of money. Calm and cool as a personality was used in the late 1820s but not until 1933 was cool used to describe something fashionable, like our Cool Mad Bomber® hats!

So when we say Mad Bomber®hats are Cool there is no possible misunderstanding; cool is an unmistakable positive description. A Mad Bomber® hat could be described as hot if it came from the back of a truck or if it really is a sexy looking one, and if you put on a Mad Bomber®hat now in summer you will feel hot for sure, but even in the heat they still look very Cool!

Now take advantage of the summer offers and purchase your hat now, or better still gift them to someone living in the Southern Hemisphere!