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The Mad Bomber Wish List

December 26, 2011

Mad Bomber in the Woods

Mad Bomber is realy really proud to be featured in the January edition of InStyle Magazine, and to get featured on the NBC Morning Show! So I had a good look at my own Wish list and realised that 3 of the 7 wishes were in fact from The Mad Bomber! What do you wish for Christmas? Click on the underlined links to find out which ones are from the Mad Bomber.

Here is my list:

For Christmas the Mad Bomber has not only discounted many hats by 35%, they change regularly so get in quick, but we now have really good irresistable everyday prices on some of our most popular hats too! Check it out on


Sinterklaas 2011

December 6, 2011
Sinterklaas and his black Pieters

Sinterklaas and his black Pieters

Well and truly Silly Season now. Shops are full of decorations and all we hear is Christmas music. In today’s multicultural world it is odd to see a Christian religious day being celebrated by just about anyone. Would you deprive your child a Christmas present if your family did not celebrate Christmas?

In Holland EVERYONE celebrates Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday on the 5th of December by giving everyone presents. Sinterklaas, although he might look religious, is non-denominational. He gives fairly to all, and everyone in Holland celebrates his birthday.

You think that is weird? Giving presents to others on your birthday? Well, that is not all. He allegedly comes from Spain, in a steamboat, accompanied by Black Pieters, his helpers! There is always one head-Piet who carries the book which in it has every child’s name and if they have been good or bad for the year. Bad children run the risk of being put in the bag and taken back to Spain, or at best get a spanking with the ‘roe’ (a chimney sweep’s broom made of willow branches) instead of candies and presents.

As Sinterklaas arrives in Holland, there is a big parade where lollies are thrown to the kids watching the parade. Then to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, Sinterklaas will then go and visit all the children over a period of 2-3 weeks by riding his horse over the roofs of houses, with Black Pieter climbing down the chimneys to check for shoes which kids leave at the fire-place (or just the heater these days).  This is why Pieter is black apparently.

Kids leave their shoe at the heater with a poem for Sinterklaas and some hay for the horse, and if ‘the Sint’ comes past he will take the hay and the poem and leave some candies and sometimes a small present.

On the night of the 5th of December Sinterklaas comes to visit the homes of all families, with Black Pieter carrying a big sack full of presents. Each present has a Sinterklaas poem, and kids have to sing Sinterklaas songs till they hear him knock on the door. Sometimes Sinterklaas has no time to come by personally and you hear a lot of noise in the attic, dad will go and look and find that the Black Pieter left the big sack of presents upstairs! If Sinterklaas comes to visit everyone has to sit on his knee just like Santa does – something that fat old people with white beards and red costumes do it seems!

So if you need an excuse to give someone a nice new warm hat, why not tell them it is Sinterklaas today and get them a Mad Bomber hat. We have several cool hats at 35% discount!

Mad Bomber’s Golden Eggs

March 23, 2011

Easter Bunnies prefer MadBomber!

Easter is a time for laying eggs. Mad Bomber likes laying eggs in our Global Community; Golden Eggs! It is time we keep you posted on some of them so that you realize that by supporting Mad Bomber you are indirectly helping make our world a better place.

Christchurch and Japan Disasters

Hats keeping survivors warm. Mad Bomber is distributing 1000 warm hats through the Save the Children NZ network. Mad Bomber hats will go to families left homeless after the Christchurch Earthquake. Similarly negotiations for distribution in Japan are underway to donate hats to cold and needy survivors there. How can you Help? Find out through Save the Children by clicking on [this NZ link] or click [this Japan link].

An Orphan’s Wish

Hats donated to Chinese orphans with special needs.  An Orphan’s Wish is a group of dedicated volunteers striving to improve the lives of orphans in China. Through child sponsorships and donations we support orphans with special needs residing at the House of Love in the city of Guilin. How can you Help? Why not visit and donate/adopt/give/share…

Man & Woman of the Year

MadBomber supporting Leukemia and Lymphoma. Each year, in communities across the USA, dynamic, passionate candidates engage in a spirited ten-week fundraising competition to earn The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Man & Woman of the Year” titles, by raising funds for blood cancer research. Mad Bomber has donated hats for this worthwhile event. How can you Help? Why not sponsor them too!


As a special for the upcoming Easter period Mad Bomber has reduced a number of its Lil’Bomber styles, click the Easter link on our webstore at Take a look now! Offer Expires Midnight 30 April 2011.

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Tweeting Mad Bomber

December 11, 2010

Mad Bomber has gone Social Media Mad. More competitions!

Not all Poets are Mad

Not all Poets are Mad

Submit your best mad bomber tweet (@themadbomber) that’s poetic and win a $200 cash prize. Tweet before Xmas and you could win $200 if you are the coolest rhyming tweet.

Did you think us retired rogues and criminals were simply tough and silent types? Did you think us reformed through labor entrepreneurs were unread? Say it ain’t so. We read to our perfect little savages regularly from Robert Louis Stevenson‘s A Child’s Garden of Verses book of poems given to my father in 1937 by Verna Dean…..

“The rain is falling all around, It falls on field and tree, It rains on the umbrellas here, And on the ships at sea.”

So in honor of our many days hanging on ice climbs freezing/sweating, ski-jumping cliffs, or running up mile 92 in the Shenandoah trail race and contemplating our poetic existence Mad Bomber is POLEEZZED to announce a twitter bomber poetic contest. That’s right for your mere 140 characters of poetic postulation in some way regarding Mad Bomber we’ll send the winner $200. But do it by Christmas Day.

Papa Brent

Mad Babies and Parents!

December 11, 2010
Mad Bomber Babies

Mad Bomber Babies

Got a cute baby? Start them young and wrap them in a Mad Bomber hat now! Keep your babies warm this winter and win a $200 cash prize by posting your best Baby with Bomber hat on the Mad Bomber FaceBook page. Tell your friends about it too as there are hats to be won as well.

Don’t forget we also have a MadBomber Hat video competition;  Post your video on YouTube and provide the link on the  Mad Bomber FaceBook page.

WANTED: Outrageous/Extreme

December 6, 2010

More “Cash for Pics”: $200 for best OUTRAGEOUS or EXTREME Mad Bomber® hat photos!

Warren clearing ice from his windshield...

Warren clearing ice from his windshield...

Go to our FaceBook page and post on our wall to submit the best photo of your Extreme or Outrageous  MAD BOMBER® hat by December 10 and win a $200 cash first prize, free bomber hat for second and third place. Visit our page now: Click HERE! If you don’t have a FaceBook account email your entry to

Rules are simple. No rules!
Deadline for “Extreme/Outrageous Mad Bomber” is December 10 at midnight Tibetan time (noon Eastern Time USA).

Mad Pet Cash Competition

December 2, 2010

Mad Bomber announces “Cash for Pics”.

First Entry in by Sarai Jackson- Hauner!

First Entry in by Sarai Jackson- Hauner!

Go to our FaceBook page and post on our wall to submit the best photo of your pet wearing or with a MAD BOMBER® by Dec 5 and win a $250 cash first prize, free bomber hat for second and third place. Visit our page now: Click HERE! If you don’t have a FaceBook account email your entry to

Rules are simple. No rules!
Deadline for “Pet Mad Bomber” is Dec 5 at midnight Tibetan time (noon Eastern Time USA).

Lassen Volcanic here we come….

September 15, 2010

Departure day for Lassen Volcanic ….4 am….

Singh Jassa kindly arrives just before sunrise to pick us up to bring us to Dulles airport
We are already product testing one of the prototype mad bomber® suitcases. Poor zipper and reinforcement….  (ed. Someone has to do the road testing to find out about these issues, and who better than the Mad Bomber President and his family!)

Brent Reynolds

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RECYCLED LININGS, INSULATION, HANGTAGS and polybags for 2010……check it out……

Lassen Volcanic NP – best kept secret

September 15, 2010

Just came out of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Camping for a week with four kids and wife testing not only outdoor equipment but our sanity! One of America’s best kept secrets, the park not the alleged sanity. Nikolas 10, Antoni 5 all smiles. Was it the fresh air or the ice cream?

Happy Punters

Happy Punters

Gallery Bistro, Dickerson Park Zoo

June 22, 2010

Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai….and Springfield, MO? …. home of Bass Pro Shop, Tracker boats, bible colleges, gateway to Branson (ugh), our 98 year old grannie; Dorothy, and a hopping downtown scene. In the last year I’ve been to some cool places but Springfield ranks very high now.

An aerial view of the Springfield skyline.

An aerial view of the Springfield skyline.

Check out the Dickerson Park Zoo great layout, friendly folks, $2 killer mini train ride, good snake and frog house and all the top mammals your kids could love. If you’re lucky you can spend half a day at the Fairgrounds next door checking out the champion livestock. I’m looking for funky rabbits or champion chickens myself.

Definitely visit the outstanding Bass Pro Shop with waterfalls, huge trophy size fish, and the best selection of outdoor gear and fishing equipment. Walk the downtown area and notice the fine historic buildings. Didn’t Jesse James or Pretty Boy Floyd visit Springfield?

Bella; our six year old, playing hooky from school with Papa to visit grannie had a fine fine fusion dinner at Gallery Bistro downtown. The menu ranks up there with the best in Beijing, Washington DC, New York…all in a homey town called Springfield (Missouri). Check out the second downtown experiencing renovation and get a great cup of Joe at Momma’s and fine smoothies.

Bella and I had a nice visit and great lunch with Dorothy; “I’m doing pretty well for being in such bad shape” after we were discussing her original teeth; all of them still fine at 98. We took her for a fine salad at Panera; always great value and a good stop. Then off to Bolivar for an espresso and back for a nap; wore her out. Didn’t Pretty Boy Floyd rob the bank in Bolivar?

As usual Bass Pro Shop puts out some outstanding products. Johnny Morris comes through as usual (ed. – like Brent Reynolds will for The Mad Bomber!)