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Free Hats in Winter

January 5, 2011

STOP PRESS Read all about…

Winning hats with MadBomber

Winning hats with MadBomber

Due to popular demand we decided to continue the trend and give away hats at a rate of approximately one a week (nothing is certain these days!!) till the end of winter!! And how will you be eligible? We are just looking for the most original photos or FaceBook wall posts, videos or twitter feeds @themadbomber.  Creativity is rewarded at MadBomber!

Why are we doing this? We want to communicate with our fans out there, we want to make people happy, we like to know what you think and what you do with our hats all year.  So what are you waiting for???


Mad Bomber® Wins Consumer Goods Technology’s Outstanding Achievement Award

October 22, 2010
onsumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference

Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference

The Consumer Goods Technology’s Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes the Mad Bomber as one of three small to mid-sized consumer goods companies that is best utilizing innovation, technology, business processes and/or sales & marketing to grow in size and revenue.  Award results are determined by members of esteemed companies like Heinz, Alberto-Culver, Energizer, Sara Lee and Johnson & Johnson.

This is how Brent the The Mad Bomber® himself recaps the news:

After the disaster  of 2008/9 we changed management internationally, our systems, processes, and our entire way of thinking. It’s a particular pleasure to receive this award recognizing our new team’s many efforts to implement dramatic change across all of Mad Bomber’s systems. While staying in $35/night flea bag hotels and traveling internationally in the back of the bus for over two years our crew managed to cover China, Europe, and the USA while implementing dramatic systems changes and creating a new system which leveraged improvements in IT, New Media, communications, web technology, and virtual design. I think it’s fair to call us “New Media and Tech Evangelists” now. Thanks to our great crew in the US, China and Europe for making it all possible.

It will certainly be a pleasure to personally accept this award Oct 26 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Having spent the last two years engaged in a company-wide “Extreme Makeover” using an “Extreme Budget” process you can bet we’ll revel in the luxury of the Ritz for the day. Then we’ll get back to China visiting factories and enjoying sauteed scorpions while standing on three hour trains for lack of seat reservations….

Click [HERE] for the event’s web site for more information.

Money makes the world go Round

May 11, 2010
Depression 1.0

Depression 1.0

If lil’ old Greece ripples the global market what precipice are we teetering on and how deep is the abyss? The US needs cash in the small business market NOW but nothing’s happening. Where is Congress and Obama?

If Greece can affect the worldwide markets imagine what happens when 10 million American’s unemployment benefits run out, 2 million plus Americans lose their houses which then sit on a dead market, and the commercial real estate crash begins as a large volume of commercial real estate loans come up for re-financing while those deals are underwater. Hey mister can you spare a straw? Gotta breathe somehow…

Are we realistically looking at 2-4 more years of Depression 2.0? Will it get worse? I don’t see how it’s going to get “talked” back up. Better start buying Chinese reminbi