About the Mad Bomber

Never out of Vogue with MB!

Brent Reynolds, President of the The Mad Bomber® Company, is not a man to sit behind a desk and commute to and from his house in the burbs. He is a man who makes things happen. Brent is a mover and a shaker, and not just locally. He does it globally and with style! This blog covers his adventures, his morals and his aspirations. You like the hats? You’ll like the man.

The Mad Bomber® Company is a manufacturer of unique outerwear products that combine natural resources with innovative high-tech fabrics. The name “Mad Bomber®” was coined during our president’s questionable ski-jumping career. Trading in China since 1978, Mad Bomber® is the original — and world’s largest — Bomber® hat manufacturer. Collaborating with our partners scattered across Europe, America, and China, we have become a truly multinational company, coordinating worldwide operations and promoting cooperation among diverse cultures.

Read more about Brent’s exciting background <here>.


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