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The Trapline

January 1, 2013
LilKnit 317 in Woods

Walter and Andrew end up camping in a canvas tent with local Indians. Pulled in by a sled and two skidoos they were sitting on a well-used fur in front of a red glowing potbelly stove, having a beer!
Despite the heater being fueled by oil and candle wax in addition to freeze-dried timber it is still cold in the little tent. We are handed a beer after refusing the bottle of CC, whilst Rocco is heating up the frozen soup he just retrieved out of a tree. He swears it was lovely only just a week ago. Whenever the pot runs low he adds meat, vegetables and stock.

By 6pm it has been dark for a few hours and the five of us pass out curled up in our sleeping bags on the rug in the tent. Boy do our Mad Bomber hats come in handy here! The draft would sure be detrimental to our health if it wasn’t for our Bomber hats! 

At 6am all of us are up and ready for the day. ‘Boss’ the oldest among us has rekindled the fire to the point where the stove is glowing red hot. Surely the canvas must burn where the hot chimney leaves the canvas tent, but it doesn’t. We are handed a beer with breakfast, and politely accept.

Trapping in the Yukon

After ‘drinking’ breakfast the Indians invite Andrew and myself into the sled to go and check the traps. I place my half drunk bottle of beer with its neck against the red glowing stove, assuming it will be warm or broken when I return from the adventure.

The snowmobile pulls us through the outstanding snow speckled wilderness past the dozen or so traps the Indians have laid down. The ride is the fun bit, sliding through the white forest with the snowmobile dodging trees and shrubs. Wind blowing through our hair. Andrew is dying to have a go at the skidoo. He doesn’t get a chance, but does get the ride of his life when he gets thrown off the back of the skidoo after hitting a large bump. 

An hour later we are back in the tent. With anticipation I crawl inside to inspect my science experiment to find the tent guardians happily drinking more ‘breakfast’. Sure enough next to the still glowing stove I find my beer; frozen solid. I knew this tent was a cold place! The amazing thing is that the chimney doesn’t even burn my finger 10 inches up from where it leaves the stove and goes through the canvas.  Did I mention we are not even in the arctic yet? 

The men have done what they have come to do, it is time to return to the hotel. We pack up, secure our warm Mad Bomber hats on our heads and get into the sled, back to the Landcruiser and before we know it we are back at our faithful Dodge Dart, frozen solidly.

317COR Lil' Knit Bomber

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