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Off Road in the Yukon

December 6, 2012
Off Road in the Yukon
Walter and Andrew had turned the corner and had driven North on the Dempster Highway. After hundreds of desolate miles they arrived at the Eagle Plains Hotel. Everything on the back seat was frozen, and that included canned goods and cheese.
This is the only rest stop along the way, the Eagle Plains Hotel. We stepped into the establishment and I ordered fried chicken livers to warm me up and Andrew got a burger. Still sporting our Mad Bomber hatsinside, the other diners and drinkers; including truckies and Indians from the neighborhood, were staring at us with their sporty ballcaps on their warm heads.Soon we were having a beer and talking to the Indians. They weretrapping and hunting in the area and came in for a break from their tents and skidoos. We all got on well and the guys were very friendly till one hunter drank a little too much. At this point we had retreated to one of their hotel rooms where the beer was cheaper (they had their own drinks). This was to be a lesson for us young and innocent boys. The man wanted to fight me for no reason other than a show of strength. The others tried to stop him but as he stormed towards me with a fist out I grabbed it and using his own momentum flipped him over my shoulder. The other hunters apologized on his behalf and we were invited to sleep in one of their rooms for the night. I thought at least my Mad Bomber would’ve given me some protection in a fistfight.The following day the one traffic light situated on the one road in front of the Eagle Plains Hotel was on RED! Apparently despite the blue sky that meant the road ahead into the mountains was closed. Our newly acquired Indian friends invited us to come along on their hunt.

Camping in the Yukon

Soon Andrew and I are following their new Landcruiser and Tacoma truck. We stopped at a large steel locked shed owned by the county. Andrew parked our car nicely off to the side and jumped into their vehicles. Twenty minutes later we pulled off the road and parked on a cleared spot just off the highway. The men find their skidoo and sled, load up their supplies (alcohol) and we head off through pretty snow covered shrubbery for half an hour to a canvas tent near a healthy stand of trees. It is blistery cold at 2pm and the sun is shining in a blue sky, and our fingers are freezing off in the -20F. Thank goodness for our hats. Ourspare two hats are now worn by the two most alpha hunters in our hunting detail.

The pot belly stove is lit inside the canvas tent with engine oil a piece of candle and a few sticks of wood. Within 10 minutes it is glowing red. Sitting next to it on fur (with a beer) is actually very warm and cozy.  ‘Boss’ the oldest of the Indians is passed out with a bottle of CC in a blanket. Rocco, the biggest Indian, climbs into an adjacent tree to retrieve a pot of frozen soup to go on top of the pot belly. What are we in for!

370BLK – Black Leather Euro Bomber

Slip into one of our EURO BOMBER hats, and you’ll instantly feel a sense of international style and luxury- not to mention, the comfort and warmth of the quilted lining and the fur trim. For added comfort, the chin flaps (with an embossed Mad Bomber logo) can snap on top of the head or down around chin for even greater warmth.