Adventures of a Mad Bomber – Change of Plan

Mad Bomber adventure map - change of plan!

Spot the camo Bomber! Alaska or the NW Territories?

Walter and Andrew were en-route to Northpole, Alaska but decided the Alcan highway was so good they would be in Northpole a month before Christmas at their current speed. The Northpole they were heading for was after all just a town outside of Fairbanks.

So it was time to have a good look at the map. Andrew looked and observed we couldn’t drive much past Fairbanks as there were no public roads open in the winter. But looking at the Canandian Arctic… There is a road going all the way up to Inuvik in the North West Territories. It is time for Walter to drink his 5th cup of weak complimentary coffee.

Look, we could use that one, or that one,...

Look, we could use that one, or that one,…

We illogically decide that we can drive 1250 kilometers North into the Canadian Arctic in a couple of days, have a few days to relax, come back, and voila we can still make it to Northpole for Christmas! Andrew glanced at the old Dodge parked outside and remembered the bald tires. Next stop tire-shop. The man at the tire-shop said we’d never make it up the Dempster highway in our car, shook his head continuously as he gave us 2 reasonable second-hand all-season tires for a charitable price of $20 which included mounting.

After a quick stop at McDonalds for provisions where they kindly fill up the thermos full of thick-shake to see us through the day and after buying cheese, salami and biscuits from the supermarket we make a visit to the local op-shop to get some more warm weather gear….. we fill up with the last affordable gas and head towards the Klondike Highway.

It is still bitter cold in the car. As the temperature drops we notice there is more draft and we continue stuffing clothing and newspapers in holes and cracks everywhere. We now wear our Mad Bomber in the car as the heater is no longer keeping up with the -10F and below. Long unfashionable underwear is keeping us cozy and warm under our many other layers. Andrew has proper hiking boots but I am wearing a cheap pair of running shoes. The skis are at the ready in the trunk next to the boots. Let it snow let it snow let it snow.
Watch out Canadian Arctic, we are heading your way.

To be continued! 



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