White Horse – Yukon


Map of Yukon

When you are young you want adventure. But when you are young you just don’t have the money. And so Andrew and Walter are cruising in a $500 Dodge Dart to North-pole Alaska for Christmas. Little do they realize exactly how cold it is going to get. But first…

We leave Watson Lakewith a full tank of gas and a wry smile . We had survived the night after running out of gas just as we drove down a hill into town and coasted into a parking spot with a power extension cord hanging out the window ready to plug in the car. We feel blessed riding into the cool crisp air of a dark Yukon morning, despite being scolded by an angry shopkeeper for ‘stealing’ his power.

SS Klondike in Whitehorse
SS Klondike in Whitehorse
It is a long drive to Whitehorse, we are making good progress and are not deterred by the high gas price after having run out of gas yesterday. Andrew stops for his regular noise checks. This time he determines two of our tires are too worn out to drive on and need replacing. He is right, I see steel belt poking out of the rubber, a terrible sign especially when you are heading North in Winter. 

The scenery is wide with large open expanses and long sections of forest, large rivers, long bridges, quite awe inspiring. I nod off as Andrew continues to drive towards Whitehorse.

As we enter Whitehorse with bleary eyes in the dark again we drive past an old pedal steamer. This seems worth investigating but will have to wait until morning! First we need a bed. That’s easily found in a modest downtown hotel where we appreciatively crawl into the warm down blanket with memories of sleeping in the car still fresh in our minds.

After a MacDonald’s breakfast we head straight for the pedal-steamer. It is theSS Klondike and has been turned into a museum. It’s closed for the winter. This does not deter me. Andrew has been doing the driving and now it’s time for me to have some excitement. I work my way into the ship through the pedal mechanism and walk to the front door to open it for Andrew. It was not till the alarm went off that I realized that this was a very bad thing to do. Instead of checking out the museum I quickly close the door again and returned to the car. Within ten minutes the police arrive and also a few people from the historical society.  All is okay.

It is back to a warm cafe for us to take a good long hard look at our map and decide where we are heading. Oh, and what shall we do about our tires…


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