Adventures of a Mad Bomber – Mile 0

Northpole for Christmas

Northpole for Christmas

Thinking they were fully equipped Andrew and Walter headed North towards the Alaskan Highway. Mile Zero at Dawson Creek is the official start of the highway . Since the ’67 Dodge Dart’s oil light was no longer on and the deluxe auto now had slightly better second hand all-season tires they both accomplices assumed the jalopy was also ready for an Alaskan winter. Walter even picked up a $50 pair of dilapidated downhill skis and boots to add to their equipment cache.

Feeling the draft coming through the dash Andrew decided to stuff newspapers in the many nooks and crannies of the car. Eventually we feel the heater begin to have an effect. We take off our MAD BOMBER hats and happily cruise through the dry and windy prairies. Late at night we hit Dawson Creek in the lovely snow. Time for a celebration but first we need accommodations. A friendly drunk points us to the men’s hostel originally designed in the 1940s to cater to workers on the Alcan. These days it is more a homeless shelter and we gratefully accept the humble tin-roof above our hats before crashing into unconsciousness in our assigned bunks.

Andrew dreams of cars breaking down, Walter dreams of using his newly acquired downhill skis. All too early in the morning the other men woke us up wanting to know what we were planning with that wreck of a car. Everyone needs a car in working order for $100. We even get offers for our Mad Bomber hats! We made our way to a cafe for our first ‘Yukon Breakfast’, donning our warm hats as the morning air was absolutely freezing.


As it happens Walter’s cousin Mike was born in Dawson Creek and so he keeps his eyes peeled for any evidence of the Weinberg family . The waitress serving the Yukon Breakfast likes our hats and proudly shows us her White Leather Bomber and Walter immediately took the opportunity to ask if she was related to cousin Mike. 
Spot Walter's Cousin

Spot Walter's Cousin

Andrew keeps searching for car parts. Although Walter doesn’t hear the odd sounds the car makes Andrew certainly does. Andrew is worried something is wrong. 1500 Miles of rumbling along the Alaskan Highway in Winter will no doubt expose any weakness. 
Feeling good we purchase Alaskan highway postcards on our way out to Fort Nelson, enroute to Whitehorse, almost 1000 miles away across the frozen expanse. Walter still can’t hear the odd noise that Andrew hears in the engine. Andrew stops every 100 miles to check under the hood. His BOMBER comes in handy!

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