Adventures of a Mad Bomber


Here at Mad Bomber we pay attention to our fans. It looks like you seek out cool adventures. So here we go, starting with a new character, Walter, and his Mad Bomber hat. Of course we will feature a Mad Bomber steal with each email. Read on and enjoy.

Northpole Alaska, here we come!

Northpole Alaska, here we come!

Walter woke up in a cold car. He had nodded off. His new Mad Bomber hat; a gift from loving parents, acted as his pillow as he fell asleep whilst his friend Andrew was checking the engine. The old ’69 Dodge Dart’ had its oil light glowing an ominous red for days and Andrew was going to get to the bottom of it.

Our plan was to go to NorthPole, Alaska for Christmas, an ambitious plan for the couple of months we budgeted for it. First we bought this blue ‘jalopy’ from a dysfunctional family for $200 in Kamloops BC. Our ride is funky as the oil light is permanently on despite the car running as well as can be expected – with barely legal tyres. We’d been invited to stay with the family for a night and were fed fresh moose meat and beer.  We woke up in time to see the car’s owner wake up with a hangover on the couch while his little daughter lovingly rolled a cigarette for him and poured him his first beer of the day. It is 9:30 am and we need to make tracks in the snow and leave the fine host family behind!

Andrew comes back with a solemn face and tells me ‘I think the oil light is faulty, nothing wrong with our oil’. We put on our toasty Mad Bombers and take positions in the car and head out of Kamloops into the snow. We head West towards Alberta for now. We are going to surprise Andrew’s mother for Christmas and bring her the Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers to put under her tree.

To be continued! 

860CHOC Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers

Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers


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