Adventures of a Mad Bomber – the Farm


Walter and Andrew are happy as Larry. With their Mad Bomber hats they are still toasty and warm. Heading for the Northpole they are bound to feel the cold eventually:

Map to N-Pole with Team Bomber

Andrew and Walter arrive at Andrew’s mother”s in Alberta well after midnight, it is cold and snowing. Not a time to surprise mum. Both of us study in Australiaso our unannounced visit sure is a surprise. We pull down the flaps of our MAD BOMBER hats and stretch out on the front and rear benches of the old cold steel Dodge. I am fortunate to have a spare BOMBER wrapped on my feet to keep the tootsies warm. And so we spend a cold night in the car only to be woken up by the loyal RCMP at dawn.
Andrew’s mum had spotted a suspicious vehicle in front of her house with fogged up windows. The situation was rectified, tears of joy and a hearty breakfast and gifts placed under the tree. Over the next few days Andrew fixed half his mother’s appliances as he is handy in that way and in return she provided us with warm clothing for our Arctic expedition from the charity stores that she volunteers at. We head North with full bellies and long underwear.
Random Dart picture in street

 Next stop is a few hundred miles closer to Northpole at Andrew’s brother’s dairy farm. At the last minute we decide to log onto the Mad Bomber webstore and order brother John two Team Bombers as they were on sale. He’s a dairy farmer and it sure gets cold running a farm in Central Alberta. We beat the mail and arrived to surprise him but he puts us to work straight away on the farm. As I help milk the cows Andrew is in town fixing the car. He finds us a pair of all-weather tires that still had some tread on them which someone had tossed out at the tire-repair place in Edmonton. He also finds us a new  $10 ‘sender unit‘ for the oil light, the part that tells the light to come on in case of low oil pressure. The oil light goes off just as Andrew had predicted.Our jalopy is starting to feel good now. As a final omen of good luck Andrew finds his old watch in the mud outside the shed. He had lost it on the farm two years ago and today he walked past and heard its faithful alarm beeping in the frozen mud!  Must be as reliable as a BOMBER. 

Just as the Team Bombers arrive for John we say our goodbyes and head North towards Dawson Creek, Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway. Stopping for supplies at the Edmonton Mall we admire the surfing beach, submarine and fantasy hotel. Andrew spots a Mad Bomber on special in a sports store and buys it as a backup hat ‘for emergency’. I bet he was jealous of my spare hat when I had warm fury feet sleeping in the car at his mother’s house.Our BOMBERS are tightly secured to our noggins and we leave in our drafty Dodge.

To be continued! 


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