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Adventures of a Mad Bomber – Camping

April 14, 2012

Boreal forest with 370ACORN

Andrew and Walter finally get on the road at 10am, frosty but it is wind-still. The worn all-season tires shine with tire paint which we applied to make the police think we have new tires – just in case they pull us over. Short of a few big trucks nobody is on the road, and in the fully gassed up car we head North.  At an optimistic 60 miles an hour with Andrew at the helm we have barely left when Andrew wants to listen to some car-noise again. As soon as he opens the car door I remember to put on my Mad Bomber Hat again. The car heater is not coping well with the 20 degrees F outside temperature.

The cold is starting to bother us, we realize it will get much worse. Andrew determines it is the speedometer cable making the unpleasant squeaking noise, the noise that I hadn’t noticed yet. It explains the jerky speedo, and Andrew gets out the WD40

 We decide to camp out for the night and take the turn off to  the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, about 50 miles off the Alcan.  It doesn’t take long to get there and we find a forlorn and empty looking visitor station. Everything is closed for winter. Snow on the ground, it is cold and miserable. Boots strapped on and Bomber hats with the flaps tied down over the ears we wonder off towards the dam wall. Yes, we determine it is a dam, a very big one too. The Peace River generates almost 13 billion kWh annually of power between two power stations. 

An early bed time for us. We both lie down on front and rear seats respectively, toes and head against cold metal doors. Not pleasant, certainly not warm. My two hats keeps my toes and ears warm, but I decide to sleep outside. 

 I roll my rubber insulating mat out next to the car and sleep comfortable till about 7am. My rubber mat was frozen solid to the road in the morning, and peeling it off slowly pretty much ruined the insulating rubber. Determined to find coffee quick we start the car and zoom off before dawn on the icy road just as the ranger drives up.

 ‘Been hunting boys?’ he asks us. No, we just wanted to check out the visitor station. ‘Closed for winter’, he says. ‘Where did you sleep?’. Next to the picnic table in the car park Sir. ‘Well, you’re bloody lucky you are alive, as bears are known to rip cars apart in this area’. Bears? I slept outside. ‘Outside? Men, you are lucky to be alive!’. We look at each other, say our goodbyes and get in the car. Let’s go to Fort Nelson!  

Without further ado we cross endless miles of boreal forests and arrive in a cold and forlorn Fort Nelson three hundred miles North. The silhouette of a bear greets us as we drive into town, an ominous sign. We get directions to the Transients’ Hostel for the night and are offered a free night in return for my Mad Bomber Hat! We decline the offer and pay. A warm dinner and a few beers later we find our very comfy bunks for the night and fully intend on waking up **early** to continue our cool way towards the North Pole. 

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Adventures of a Mad Bomber – Mile 0

April 6, 2012
Northpole for Christmas

Northpole for Christmas

Thinking they were fully equipped Andrew and Walter headed North towards the Alaskan Highway. Mile Zero at Dawson Creek is the official start of the highway . Since the ’67 Dodge Dart’s oil light was no longer on and the deluxe auto now had slightly better second hand all-season tires they both accomplices assumed the jalopy was also ready for an Alaskan winter. Walter even picked up a $50 pair of dilapidated downhill skis and boots to add to their equipment cache.

Feeling the draft coming through the dash Andrew decided to stuff newspapers in the many nooks and crannies of the car. Eventually we feel the heater begin to have an effect. We take off our MAD BOMBER hats and happily cruise through the dry and windy prairies. Late at night we hit Dawson Creek in the lovely snow. Time for a celebration but first we need accommodations. A friendly drunk points us to the men’s hostel originally designed in the 1940s to cater to workers on the Alcan. These days it is more a homeless shelter and we gratefully accept the humble tin-roof above our hats before crashing into unconsciousness in our assigned bunks.

Andrew dreams of cars breaking down, Walter dreams of using his newly acquired downhill skis. All too early in the morning the other men woke us up wanting to know what we were planning with that wreck of a car. Everyone needs a car in working order for $100. We even get offers for our Mad Bomber hats! We made our way to a cafe for our first ‘Yukon Breakfast’, donning our warm hats as the morning air was absolutely freezing.


As it happens Walter’s cousin Mike was born in Dawson Creek and so he keeps his eyes peeled for any evidence of the Weinberg family . The waitress serving the Yukon Breakfast likes our hats and proudly shows us her White Leather Bomber and Walter immediately took the opportunity to ask if she was related to cousin Mike. 
Spot Walter's Cousin

Spot Walter's Cousin

Andrew keeps searching for car parts. Although Walter doesn’t hear the odd sounds the car makes Andrew certainly does. Andrew is worried something is wrong. 1500 Miles of rumbling along the Alaskan Highway in Winter will no doubt expose any weakness. 
Feeling good we purchase Alaskan highway postcards on our way out to Fort Nelson, enroute to Whitehorse, almost 1000 miles away across the frozen expanse. Walter still can’t hear the odd noise that Andrew hears in the engine. Andrew stops every 100 miles to check under the hood. His BOMBER comes in handy!

Adventures of a Mad Bomber – the Farm

April 1, 2012

Walter and Andrew are happy as Larry. With their Mad Bomber hats they are still toasty and warm. Heading for the Northpole they are bound to feel the cold eventually:

Map to N-Pole with Team Bomber

Andrew and Walter arrive at Andrew’s mother”s in Alberta well after midnight, it is cold and snowing. Not a time to surprise mum. Both of us study in Australiaso our unannounced visit sure is a surprise. We pull down the flaps of our MAD BOMBER hats and stretch out on the front and rear benches of the old cold steel Dodge. I am fortunate to have a spare BOMBER wrapped on my feet to keep the tootsies warm. And so we spend a cold night in the car only to be woken up by the loyal RCMP at dawn.
Andrew’s mum had spotted a suspicious vehicle in front of her house with fogged up windows. The situation was rectified, tears of joy and a hearty breakfast and gifts placed under the tree. Over the next few days Andrew fixed half his mother’s appliances as he is handy in that way and in return she provided us with warm clothing for our Arctic expedition from the charity stores that she volunteers at. We head North with full bellies and long underwear.
Random Dart picture in street

 Next stop is a few hundred miles closer to Northpole at Andrew’s brother’s dairy farm. At the last minute we decide to log onto the Mad Bomber webstore and order brother John two Team Bombers as they were on sale. He’s a dairy farmer and it sure gets cold running a farm in Central Alberta. We beat the mail and arrived to surprise him but he puts us to work straight away on the farm. As I help milk the cows Andrew is in town fixing the car. He finds us a pair of all-weather tires that still had some tread on them which someone had tossed out at the tire-repair place in Edmonton. He also finds us a new  $10 ‘sender unit‘ for the oil light, the part that tells the light to come on in case of low oil pressure. The oil light goes off just as Andrew had predicted.Our jalopy is starting to feel good now. As a final omen of good luck Andrew finds his old watch in the mud outside the shed. He had lost it on the farm two years ago and today he walked past and heard its faithful alarm beeping in the frozen mud!  Must be as reliable as a BOMBER. 

Just as the Team Bombers arrive for John we say our goodbyes and head North towards Dawson Creek, Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway. Stopping for supplies at the Edmonton Mall we admire the surfing beach, submarine and fantasy hotel. Andrew spots a Mad Bomber on special in a sports store and buys it as a backup hat ‘for emergency’. I bet he was jealous of my spare hat when I had warm fury feet sleeping in the car at his mother’s house.Our BOMBERS are tightly secured to our noggins and we leave in our drafty Dodge.

To be continued! 

Adventures of a Mad Bomber

April 1, 2012

Here at Mad Bomber we pay attention to our fans. It looks like you seek out cool adventures. So here we go, starting with a new character, Walter, and his Mad Bomber hat. Of course we will feature a Mad Bomber steal with each email. Read on and enjoy.

Northpole Alaska, here we come!

Northpole Alaska, here we come!

Walter woke up in a cold car. He had nodded off. His new Mad Bomber hat; a gift from loving parents, acted as his pillow as he fell asleep whilst his friend Andrew was checking the engine. The old ’69 Dodge Dart’ had its oil light glowing an ominous red for days and Andrew was going to get to the bottom of it.

Our plan was to go to NorthPole, Alaska for Christmas, an ambitious plan for the couple of months we budgeted for it. First we bought this blue ‘jalopy’ from a dysfunctional family for $200 in Kamloops BC. Our ride is funky as the oil light is permanently on despite the car running as well as can be expected – with barely legal tyres. We’d been invited to stay with the family for a night and were fed fresh moose meat and beer.  We woke up in time to see the car’s owner wake up with a hangover on the couch while his little daughter lovingly rolled a cigarette for him and poured him his first beer of the day. It is 9:30 am and we need to make tracks in the snow and leave the fine host family behind!

Andrew comes back with a solemn face and tells me ‘I think the oil light is faulty, nothing wrong with our oil’. We put on our toasty Mad Bombers and take positions in the car and head out of Kamloops into the snow. We head West towards Alberta for now. We are going to surprise Andrew’s mother for Christmas and bring her the Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers to put under her tree.

To be continued! 

860CHOC Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers

Mad Bomber Wrist Warmers