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Team Bombers!

January 6, 2012


Order your favorite Team Bomber® while supplies last during American Football season!

Order your favorite Team Bomber® while supplies last during American Football season!


Your favorite team could still be in the playoffs and you can show your support in the current winter weather that has descended upon us.


Football Fans are MAD about Mad Bomber’s NEW TEAM BOMBER®


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Boxing Day Revisited

January 6, 2012

Jesus in Boxing gloves

I know it is a little late,… but after recovering from the Season Festivicus it occurred to me I didn’t even know why Boxing Day was called Boxing Day. So here it is:

Boxing Day is a public holiday in predominantly Christian countries. It is celebrated on the day after Christmas Day, but strictly speaking it is on the first weekday after Christmas. Why you may ask?

Well, it all started in Mother England in the 18th Century when the wealthy Lords and Ladies in their lofty manors would ‘box-up’ leftover food and re-wrapped/unwanted presents from their abundant Christmas Celebrations. These boxes were distributed to the tenants who lived and worked on their farms. A decade later, in the middle of the nineteenth century under Queen Victoria this ritual was continued by the giving of Christmas boxes, or gifts, to service workers. These gifts were put in and workers would get the first working day after Christmas off and take the boxes to their family to share.

Also in many churches on Christmas Day one finds an Alms Box on Christmas Day, for worshippers to place gifts in for the poor. These boxes are opened the day after Christmas, when the poor of the Perish are given the boxes. There are other theories, have a look at Coburn’s Reflections.

So why not be traditional today, box up the unwanted presents  and left over foods and donate to the poor! Mad Bomber thinks Boxing Day truly is the day of giving, and hence we have accordingly discounted many of our most popular Mad Bomber hats in our webstore. Go and have a look and see what we can put in a box for you!  Even though it is not Boxing Day anymore, we still keep certai great hats on special. Go on, have a look!