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The Mad Bomber Wish List

December 26, 2011

Mad Bomber in the Woods

Mad Bomber is realy really proud to be featured in the January edition of InStyle Magazine, and to get featured on the NBC Morning Show! So I had a good look at my own Wish list and realised that 3 of the 7 wishes were in fact from The Mad Bomber! What do you wish for Christmas? Click on the underlined links to find out which ones are from the Mad Bomber.

Here is my list:

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Hats for Hanukkah 2011

December 25, 2011
The Menorah

Menorah (Hanukkah), a nine-branched candelabrum used on the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah

Having learned about the 12 days of Christmas it was brought to my attention that there are 8 days of Hanukkah. How did this come about and does this ‘Jewish Christmas’ have anything in common with the Christian holiday?
Some people would scream at the last paragraph, as the Jewish people do not have Christmas, they have no Jesus in their religion. So here is the story of Hanukkah in short. To reward you for reading this lesson we offer you a direct link to some of our most popular hats which now have up to 35% off the RRP!

Hanukkah was a less important holiday on the Jewish calendar, but because it is celebrated close to Christmas (on the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev), it has now become more like a (dare we call it) ”Jewish Christmas’ and includes gifts for the children.

Hannukah celebrates the return of the temple in Jerusalem to the Jewish people. It had been taken away by the Greek, and been used to worship Greek Gods which included sacrificing pigs. The emperor, Antiochus IV,  made practicing the Jewish religion punishable by death. So when the Jewish people regained their temple after a long fight they had to cleanse it. This was to be done by burning ritual oil in the temple’s menorah for 8 days. Due to the war there was only enough to burn the flames for 1 day, but miraculolusly it lasted the eight days. This was the miracle of the Hanukkah oil, and Jewish people light a special menorah (a hanukkiyah) for eight days. One candle is lit on the first night of Hanukkah, two on the second, and so on, until eight candles are lit. These days children receive gifts with the lighting of each candle. Hanukkah this year runs from 20 December till sunset on Wednesday, 28 December.

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12 Days of Christmas with The Mad Bomber

December 17, 2011

Mad Bomber Winter Sales

At Mad Bomber we have no preferred religion, we just sell warm and stylish hats. We are curious about the world, our customers, and we ask questions; we want to learn.

In this email-lecture I will be addressing why we have 12 days of Christmas and what that song we all hear about Piping Pipers and Pears in Partridge trees is all about. Once you have been educated you will be rewarded  with a link to irresistible Mad Bomber  offers.


FIRST DAY OF CHIRSTMAS: The ‘partridge in a pear tree‘ is Jesus who died on the cross. In ancient times a partridge was often used as mythological symbol of a divine, sacred king.

THE SECOND DAYThe ‘two turtle doves’ are the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Doves also symbolise peace.

THIRD DAYThe ‘three French hens’ are faith, hope and love – the three gifts of the Holy Spirit. The French hens can also represent God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

FOURTH… The ‘four calling birds’ are the four Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible.

FIFTH DAY OF CHRISTMASThe ‘five golden rings’ are the first five books of the Bible, also called the Pentateuch, the Books of Moses or the Torah for the Jewish among us.

THE SIXTH DAYThe ‘six geese a-laying’ are the six days of creation.

SEVENTH DAY: The ‘seven swans a swimming’ are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

EIGHTH… The ‘eight maids a milking’ are the eight beatitudes, Jesus’ teachings on happiness.

THE TENTH DAY: The ‘ten lords a-leaping’ are the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

ELEVENTH: The ‘eleven pipers piping’ are the eleven faithful disciples of Jesus.

AND THE TWELFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS: The ‘twelve drummers drumming’ were the twelve points of the Apostles’ Creed.

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Sinterklaas 2011

December 6, 2011
Sinterklaas and his black Pieters

Sinterklaas and his black Pieters

Well and truly Silly Season now. Shops are full of decorations and all we hear is Christmas music. In today’s multicultural world it is odd to see a Christian religious day being celebrated by just about anyone. Would you deprive your child a Christmas present if your family did not celebrate Christmas?

In Holland EVERYONE celebrates Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday on the 5th of December by giving everyone presents. Sinterklaas, although he might look religious, is non-denominational. He gives fairly to all, and everyone in Holland celebrates his birthday.

You think that is weird? Giving presents to others on your birthday? Well, that is not all. He allegedly comes from Spain, in a steamboat, accompanied by Black Pieters, his helpers! There is always one head-Piet who carries the book which in it has every child’s name and if they have been good or bad for the year. Bad children run the risk of being put in the bag and taken back to Spain, or at best get a spanking with the ‘roe’ (a chimney sweep’s broom made of willow branches) instead of candies and presents.

As Sinterklaas arrives in Holland, there is a big parade where lollies are thrown to the kids watching the parade. Then to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, Sinterklaas will then go and visit all the children over a period of 2-3 weeks by riding his horse over the roofs of houses, with Black Pieter climbing down the chimneys to check for shoes which kids leave at the fire-place (or just the heater these days).  This is why Pieter is black apparently.

Kids leave their shoe at the heater with a poem for Sinterklaas and some hay for the horse, and if ‘the Sint’ comes past he will take the hay and the poem and leave some candies and sometimes a small present.

On the night of the 5th of December Sinterklaas comes to visit the homes of all families, with Black Pieter carrying a big sack full of presents. Each present has a Sinterklaas poem, and kids have to sing Sinterklaas songs till they hear him knock on the door. Sometimes Sinterklaas has no time to come by personally and you hear a lot of noise in the attic, dad will go and look and find that the Black Pieter left the big sack of presents upstairs! If Sinterklaas comes to visit everyone has to sit on his knee just like Santa does – something that fat old people with white beards and red costumes do it seems!

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