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Usha-who? Ushanka!

June 27, 2011
The Russian army instrumental in promoting the Ushanka

The Russian army shamelessly promoting the Russian Ushanka hats

The Ushanka is a Russian style hat. It is a round hat with a fur back flap and ear flaps. The Ushanka hat has flaps which can be tied together on top and lowered to protect the neck, ears and side of the face.  Hats were worn by Russian people all seasons throughout the year. In winter the hats were covered with fur, poor people had hats made out of felt and rough cloth, sometimes with a narrow trim of fur. Rich people had hats made of fine cloth or velvet, and a more lavish fur trim and decorated with precious metal ornaments.

In the 1940s the Russian army replaced their helmets with the Ushanka as part of their military winter uniform, and this heralded the start of a great wave of popularity for the design,…

Today it is not just other armies that use Ushanka style winter hats, but as the world became more commercialized many people in the cold climes started wearing the Russian hat as it became a haute couture fashion item! Mad Bomber’s President Brent observed this trend happening in China in the 1980s and made his first purchase in the way of a few dozen commercial samples. The rest of the Mad Bomber® story is also history, and now look at the number of styles we have in our store! Even the original Ushanka design, which we call the Fur Trooper® is making a come-back, why not check out the new line at



Solstice for Dad

June 17, 2011
Dad with his new Mad Bomber Trooper!

Dad with his new Mad Bomber Trooper!

Next Sunday (19 June) is Father’s Day, and did you know the longest day of the year is the following day? Monday 20 June is Summer Solstice, and after that date our days will get shorter again. This means that Fathers Day falls on the longest Sunday in the Northern hemisphere.  Coincidence? My dad’s index fingers are the same size as the holes in his nose, is that a coincidence too? The latter may be a good example  of evolution, but Fathers day is more complicated than picking your nose:

Fathers Day was first celebrated in West Virginia in 1908 to commemorate 210 fathers who lost their lives in a coal mining accident. In 1924 President Coolidge recommended that Fathers Day be observed, but not until 1966 did President Johnson finally designate the third Sunday in June as Fathers Day. President President Nixon signed it into law in 1972 and it became a National Holiday. So in short, it was President Johnson who designated Fathers Day to be so close to the longest day on the USA calendar!

Is that all there was to Fathers Day? No, there are still more complications. Fathers Day is celebrated on different days in many countries. In Bulgaria it is celebrated on almost the shortest day of the calendar, December 26, in Thailand on the birthday of their King, in Denmark on their Constitution Day, and so cunning fathers can travel the world and have a Fathers Day celebration about 46 times in the year!

So who is buying their father a hat for Fathers Day? Look how good he looks in the all natural Fur Trooper hat that we specially brought back into our line in time for Fathers Day, has a quilted lining that feels soft against his balding head and Raw Hide straps that tie the flaps up over his head or down around his stubbled chin. For the month of June Mad bomber is extending a 20% discount voucher for use in the Mad Bomber store on all orders over $50.  Enter this code: 1mbfather right at the end of the checkout process just before you do your final confirmation of your purchase.

And check out our new funky range of styles  recently put up for you on our webstore!