Business in China

Pleasure doing business!

Pleasure doing business!

Doing business in China is peculiar at the best of times. Lunches and dinners top the list. Here is a recent impression of a business **lunch** in China:

After a three hour afternoon meeting in a cafe with espresso and latte, fruit platters, waffles topped w/mysterious shredded brown and whipped cream, french fries, warm water with lemon and chain-smoking friends topped off with snifter of Remy XO we retired to a nice restaurant to further stuff ourselves.  The cold hallway leading into the private eating rooms was lined with down  and/or fur coat clad waitresses.  In the bathroom I could see my breath and my tallywacker was in hiding.  Ironically the private dining room was heated to 80 degrees.

Gourmet served today included mini mini shrimp in shell; put it in your mouth with a smile and delicately try to eat the tiny meat out of the shell before spitting the bits on your plate.  Next on the menu were tiny wild birds, glazed in Sichuan sauce w/large pig haunch to eat with hands.  Roasted cashews followed by “fat head fish”. Delicious river fish with flaky white thick meat – but tons of small bones.  I told them I couldn’t drink baijiu (like jet fuel) because of the medication I was taking for my broken collar bone. ‘Hah!’ they said, ‘baijiu is perfect for broken bones’, and poured me and the leader a fat glass.  We toasted throughout dinner, talked business and management and finally got the conversation lightened up by crossing into art.  It turns out Mr. Shen taught middle school art in his previous life.


Pres. Brent


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