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Baby Matteo

November 7, 2010

Baby Matteo who we’ll name our first New Zealand fund after with mama Chrissy


De Brett Hotel

November 7, 2010

Some hotels are plain cool…check out DeBrett Hotel in Auckland surrounded by interesting alleys, parks, and fine trees….

NZVCA annual conference

November 3, 2010
Monsieur Reynolds with Monsieur Vieux from Red Herring

Monsieur Reynolds with Monsieur Vieux from Red Herring

How come Air New Zealand can keep their bathrooms clean inflight and United Airlines can’t??   What great wines they offer even in economy class with real glasses and when I asked for a Pinot Grigio the steward said “wait just a minute mate and I’ll grab one from business class” and he came back with a business class wineglass as well.  Then peruse the movie selection and you’ll find the deepest movie selection in the Air.  Chinese, Hollywood, Korean, European films and TV shows plus lots of specials available in every seatback.  Food, wine and service was great.  Please bring Air New Zealand to the domestic USA so our legacy carriers can learn how to take care of us poor passengers again.

Thanks to Hal Josephson for organizing our government sponsored trip to New Zealand and to all the fine towns and cities.   We landed in Napier the first day, it is a fine art-deco city.  Visited the Craggy Range Winery and others for a fine lunch with Rose.  First night’s dinner started with a liquid tour and lovely dinner at the Barrel Room with a very interesting

group of folks: ex CEO of Saatchi Australasia Kim Wicksteed, a very knowledgeable and cool guy. NZ Entrepreneur and CEO of Xero, Rod Drury. Founders and social media web company Mogul, Matt & Georgia Miller. Local China export consultant, Jim Poppelwell, a guy who lived in China for years…

Thanks to FRST/TechNZ team and the NZVCA annual conference in Auckland as well as Creative HQ and Icehouse for sponsoring/hosting us in style.

Thank you Mayor Kerry Prendergast for making time to hear our thoughts on increasing New Zealand’s exports.  A good politician is a good listener and she’s one good gal.  We can’t say enough of how impressed we are with the talents in this small but beautiful country.