Thanks to CGT for the award….


When I first traveled to China in 1978 and we were excited about using the telex who would have thought technology would change so quickly. Some things in China don’t change at all or change slowly. They still feed me the same sauteed scorpions and sea slugs.
Thanks to Richard Hastings yesterday for pointing out we’re headed back to the 1960’s and possible social upheaval. Just let me know when the first love-in is planned……..via Twitter and Linked-in please. I want to thank my mother and father for teaching us graciousness, thoughtfulness and a sense of courtesy. This transcends all our businesses and customer focus. Thanks to my 102 year old friend; Tante Simone, from my childhood village in France and the Legays and LeClerc’s who thought 4 and 5 year old kids should wander freely through the villages searching curiously. This curiosity leads us to continue to search for the best and the brightest in technology and employees. I’ll leave you with one thought: Today…. if you’re not changing…. you’re losing. Thanks CGT for recognizing our little outerwear company from The Shenandoah Valley. We’ll keep creating new jobs and with those talents we’ll create cool new products….at MAD BOMBER®.


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