Consumer Goods Technology


Mad Bomber marches forward:
We’re researching and implementing across the board solutions to transform out little winter hat company into a global brand. I know that’s a stretch but that’s the goal.

We’re implementing cloud solutions such as and We’re upgrading every facet of our SPS commerce/EDI platforms, we’re improving our website/s to be seamless electronically, switching to SKYPE, ditching the fax (remember John Prine sang “throw out the TV”, we’re singing “throw out the fax”), and we’re intending to become a year round design and build (of softgoods) using advances in IT, web, virtual design. We think the “good ole days” of massive six month efforts to design Fall product lines and build out prototypes and samples is dying (“hope reins eternal”; or does it “rain eternal”). We’d like to see year round daily and monthly virtual designs leading to more innovation and environmental movement forward. We don’t need to keep printing catalogues and using the old materials. We’re starting to use recycled linings, insulations, hangtags, and more recycled and organic materials. Our hangtag this year doubles as a bookmark. Simple solutions.

This effort has taken about a year. In some cases I had to replace staff both in China and USA to facilitate implementation so it hasn’t been easy. Let me know if this might be interesting and meanwhile keep up the good work.


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