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Thanks to CGT for the award….

October 26, 2010

When I first traveled to China in 1978 and we were excited about using the telex who would have thought technology would change so quickly. Some things in China don’t change at all or change slowly. They still feed me the same sauteed scorpions and sea slugs.
Thanks to Richard Hastings yesterday for pointing out we’re headed back to the 1960’s and possible social upheaval. Just let me know when the first love-in is planned……..via Twitter and Linked-in please. I want to thank my mother and father for teaching us graciousness, thoughtfulness and a sense of courtesy. This transcends all our businesses and customer focus. Thanks to my 102 year old friend; Tante Simone, from my childhood village in France and the Legays and LeClerc’s who thought 4 and 5 year old kids should wander freely through the villages searching curiously. This curiosity leads us to continue to search for the best and the brightest in technology and employees. I’ll leave you with one thought: Today…. if you’re not changing…. you’re losing. Thanks CGT for recognizing our little outerwear company from The Shenandoah Valley. We’ll keep creating new jobs and with those talents we’ll create cool new products….at MAD BOMBER®.


Consumer Goods Technology

October 26, 2010

Mad Bomber marches forward:
We’re researching and implementing across the board solutions to transform out little winter hat company into a global brand. I know that’s a stretch but that’s the goal.

We’re implementing cloud solutions such as and We’re upgrading every facet of our SPS commerce/EDI platforms, we’re improving our website/s to be seamless electronically, switching to SKYPE, ditching the fax (remember John Prine sang “throw out the TV”, we’re singing “throw out the fax”), and we’re intending to become a year round design and build (of softgoods) using advances in IT, web, virtual design. We think the “good ole days” of massive six month efforts to design Fall product lines and build out prototypes and samples is dying (“hope reins eternal”; or does it “rain eternal”). We’d like to see year round daily and monthly virtual designs leading to more innovation and environmental movement forward. We don’t need to keep printing catalogues and using the old materials. We’re starting to use recycled linings, insulations, hangtags, and more recycled and organic materials. Our hangtag this year doubles as a bookmark. Simple solutions.

This effort has taken about a year. In some cases I had to replace staff both in China and USA to facilitate implementation so it hasn’t been easy. Let me know if this might be interesting and meanwhile keep up the good work.

Change as good as a holiday

October 24, 2010

Just for a change The Mad Bomber is not trolling the back country of Manchuria for new designs. He has been invited to speak at the
Angel Summit 2010November 4 & 5 at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco Resort in Nelson, New Zealand. The discussion will focus on:
Global Angel Investing Trends focussing on China and it’s emerging Angel investor community.


Mad Bomber® Wins Consumer Goods Technology’s Outstanding Achievement Award

October 22, 2010
onsumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference

Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference

The Consumer Goods Technology’s Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes the Mad Bomber as one of three small to mid-sized consumer goods companies that is best utilizing innovation, technology, business processes and/or sales & marketing to grow in size and revenue.  Award results are determined by members of esteemed companies like Heinz, Alberto-Culver, Energizer, Sara Lee and Johnson & Johnson.

This is how Brent the The Mad Bomber® himself recaps the news:

After the disaster  of 2008/9 we changed management internationally, our systems, processes, and our entire way of thinking. It’s a particular pleasure to receive this award recognizing our new team’s many efforts to implement dramatic change across all of Mad Bomber’s systems. While staying in $35/night flea bag hotels and traveling internationally in the back of the bus for over two years our crew managed to cover China, Europe, and the USA while implementing dramatic systems changes and creating a new system which leveraged improvements in IT, New Media, communications, web technology, and virtual design. I think it’s fair to call us “New Media and Tech Evangelists” now. Thanks to our great crew in the US, China and Europe for making it all possible.

It will certainly be a pleasure to personally accept this award Oct 26 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Having spent the last two years engaged in a company-wide “Extreme Makeover” using an “Extreme Budget” process you can bet we’ll revel in the luxury of the Ritz for the day. Then we’ll get back to China visiting factories and enjoying sauteed scorpions while standing on three hour trains for lack of seat reservations….

Click [HERE] for the event’s web site for more information.

NZVCA 2010 Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

October 15, 2010
New Zealand - land of the long cloud...

New Zealand - land of the long cloud...

Recently I was invited to speak on Growth in Asia at a Private Equity Conference in New Zealand. The NZ government was even kind enough to offer to pay me as well as cover my travel expenses for the privilege. I want to thank Mad Bomber which has a 26 year footprint in China and its’ efforts to establish western safety standards, support local schools and villages, and continued efforts to quietly but consistently encourage entrepreneurship, private enterprise, and forward movement under Chinese law. Mad Bomber supported efforts have contributed to our understanding of China and Asia. I hope I’ll have the chance to enjoy the South Island, the nice folks, good beer and wine, and find an excellent sheepskin bomber hat.  Read all about the conference [here].