Mr. Slater goes home

Mr Slater leaving his job...

Mr Slater leaving his job...

What happened to our collective sense of humor and compassion? Give Mr. Slater a break and some credit for his stylish though illegal, exit from the plane. Shouldn’t everyone get one break in life? If you’re caring for a sick mother and father you get a credit in my book.

Mr. Slater, a flight attendant, lost his cool as the plane he was working on was taxying to the runway. He activated the emergency exit slide at Kennedy Airport, slid down, walked to his car and drove home to have sex!

Isn’t it okay to occasionally have a collective chuckle, give someone a slap on the wrist and move on? I just want to know which beer he grabbed on his way out so I can properly judge him.

Meanwhile it wouldn’t hurt if folks dressed and acted a little nicer on planes and many attendants could leave the bad attitude behind as well. Or at least head for the emergency slide if they can’t act nice.

“It’s been great!” He activated the inflatable evacuation slide at a service exit and left the world of flight attending behind. Read all about this story [here]


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