Want to see some cool 18th & 19th century handmade hats?

IN my 30 years of travel all over the world for Mad Bomber® I’ve seen some great Nepalese wool hats, military hats, historical hats, fleece caps, boiled wool toques, fur hats in Siberia, leather hats on Russian bike gangs, winter hats in Finland, trooper hats in Russia, police hats and even some folks wearing only hats. has been selected for the EARLY AMERICAN LIFE magazine Directory of Traditional American Crafts 2009 and again for 2010.


2 Responses to “cockedhats”

  1. Joan Says:

    Thanks for the link to My two war-buff brothers like interesting stuff like this. And I’m sure my 20 year old camping-skiing-hiking-BMOC-who-needs-to-look-cool-all-the-time-to-impress-the-girls nephew will want at least 3 new Mad Bombers this season!

    • madbomber Says:

      You are welcome. Tell those war-buff brothers to enjoy those hats and the 20 year old scallywag nephew keep cool with Mad Bomber® and be nice to those girls out there…

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