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Arethusa Falls in Hampshire

July 12, 2010

Found another great spot for bomberĀ® hats. We just came out of the New Hampshire woods hiking, climbing, swimming and enjoying ice cream and homemade potato chips.

We use an LL Bean King Dome tent to sleep six with room for more! We call it the Taj Mahal and it’s the best easiest and finest tent to car
camp with. That didn’t keep out the raccoon though and that clever little guy got into our tent and went for the “Heart to Heart” cereal first. Guess they’re doing something right for human kind.

But then he came back for the cherries before I realized he was getting in under the ground cover. I should’ve know better and put all the remaining food in the car. Opps.

Kids hiked up and down over roots and rocks for 4.5 miles one day and were rewarded with top views of the Frankenstein Cliffs, many mushrooms, and the great waterfall Arethusa.

Then it was off to Northwoods, Maine, and it took us three hours to travel the 105 miles using the backroads in Western Maine. Darn.

Once we got past Augusta it was straight again with sweet roads and few cars. America’s great secret. Get into the northwoods and hardly anyone’s there.

We’re staying on Fish River Lake and have seen ten boats total. I drove out 18 miles of dirt and gravel today to get internet access and the logging trucks are running at 60 mph.

Staying with good friends in their camp. They came from north Maine. Families of ten and sixteen kids makes my humble team seem small. All speak French. Great capable independent folks. Real Americans capable of building their own houses, hunting and finding their own “fiddleheads” a great vegetable that tastes like a cross between asparagus, spinach, and green beans. Kids didn’t seem to like it like we did but they sure enjoyed the giant lobsters.

Yesterday morning went out with our host/guide and Sasha caught 20″ trout, Niki, Bella, and Antoni caught 12-18″ trout. I caught the bait 3″ svelt! We were using Humminbird sonar and kids liked that as much as the fishing! They could watch the svelt schools come by chased by the trout and salmon. I used a Daiwa fly pole and it was a sweet piece of art.

In the evening we went driving to view Moose with plastic chairs in the back of pickup trucks and saw two nice looking moose. Stopped at a custom built bear stand with doors and roof, chairs, etc all strapped up into a tree without nails. You have to appreciate the Maine woodsman’s skills.

Absolutely beautiful thick forests with lovely marshes, ponds, lakes, and tough tough terrain to walk through. Lots of roads with rarely a car on them. It’s lovely in the winter too but below zero not for the faint of heart. Great place for bomberĀ® hats, good boots, and great coats and especially great combined with good friends.