Gallery Bistro, Dickerson Park Zoo


Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai….and Springfield, MO? …. home of Bass Pro Shop, Tracker boats, bible colleges, gateway to Branson (ugh), our 98 year old grannie; Dorothy, and a hopping downtown scene. In the last year I’ve been to some cool places but Springfield ranks very high now.

An aerial view of the Springfield skyline.

An aerial view of the Springfield skyline.

Check out the Dickerson Park Zoo great layout, friendly folks, $2 killer mini train ride, good snake and frog house and all the top mammals your kids could love. If you’re lucky you can spend half a day at the Fairgrounds next door checking out the champion livestock. I’m looking for funky rabbits or champion chickens myself.

Definitely visit the outstanding Bass Pro Shop with waterfalls, huge trophy size fish, and the best selection of outdoor gear and fishing equipment. Walk the downtown area and notice the fine historic buildings. Didn’t Jesse James or Pretty Boy Floyd visit Springfield?

Bella; our six year old, playing hooky from school with Papa to visit grannie had a fine fine fusion dinner at Gallery Bistro downtown. The menu ranks up there with the best in Beijing, Washington DC, New York…all in a homey town called Springfield (Missouri). Check out the second downtown experiencing renovation and get a great cup of Joe at Momma’s and fine smoothies.

Bella and I had a nice visit and great lunch with Dorothy; “I’m doing pretty well for being in such bad shape” after we were discussing her original teeth; all of them still fine at 98. We took her for a fine salad at Panera; always great value and a good stop. Then off to Bolivar for an espresso and back for a nap; wore her out. Didn’t Pretty Boy Floyd rob the bank in Bolivar?

As usual Bass Pro Shop puts out some outstanding products. Johnny Morris comes through as usual (ed. – like Brent Reynolds will for The Mad Bomber!)


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