Life in the Mad Bomber lane

Brent just returned from China checking on production and shipping.  Nice trip with good food and brought the kids home “spicy duck tongues” for appetizers. Yum!
Brent back at Work

Brent back at Work

Last year was a disaster of collapsing production, strikes, embargo, finance, quality issues, late late late.  Growth of 40% but if your loyal retailers are unhappy and half your production is late who wins?
We’re up in sales 50% from same time last year and working to finalize remaining financing in a dreary banking environment.  We have very cool suitcases, bags, gloves, tees, sweats, and other products we’re designing and testing for our loyal tough outdoor customers.  But will we find the funding needed to roll it all out?  Exciting times folks.

 Meanwhile our Controller quit Tuesday night and walked out.  And I thought I was going to spend all May focused on design and financing.  Never a dull moment in the entrepreneurial world.

 I’m also looking at prototype insulated lunch bags (have any little bombers going to school), knit gloves, ear muffs, and new hats on my desk.  Should we barge full steam ahead or pull way back and re-group?

Mad Bomber


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