It’s very popular to speak about “human rights” and to point the finger at China for it’s issues in those areas; issues which we rightfully take seriously and issues which they are aware of and in some ways working to improve. BUT, take a look at this photo. I tried to shoot a video but my iPhone is smarter than I am and foiled my best efforts. This very poor shot shows an older lady screaming at the uniformed and plainclothes police. Now try disagreeing in America loudly and even physically with the police and see where it gets you. A bad bet if you’re lucky and terrible pancakes for breakfast. But in China it’s quite normal to see citizens disagree loudly and forcefully with police and in some cases get into shoving matches with them. I can’t imagine a Virginia farmer loudly berating a State cop and even shoving him much less having an altercation with a Prince George’s policeman… goes to show perceptions of a country can be wrong or too simple….

Altercation between elderly woman and policeman


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