MB blog high speed trains, planes and automobiles


Spent the day in Huludao then took a 5 hour fast train south for meetings on a new factory. I forgot how well the Shandong Chinese can drink when celebrating with a foreigner. As I sat at our banquet last night dazed after two toasts of bai jiu (jet fuel with a lingering aftertaste of kerosene) I pondered the challenges of carrying on not just an intelligent conversation but simply staying engaged enough to follow the conversation.  A Chinese toast in this case was a fancy stemmed glass holding about 6 ounces of bai jiu so the affect takes over your brain quickly.  I still can’t remember if it was three or four toasts. Our conversation ranged from early jobs we held in restaurants to our mutual interest in better farming methods to increase farmers position in life. We’re hoping to build a joint factory with local leaders support to create a couple hundred or so jobs.

Brent Reynolds

note the swivel seats on the high speed train. you can move them to face foward or backward as you prefer. Nice feature….


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  1. how much should i weigh Says:

    wow nice stuff man.

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