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April 22, 2010

It’s very popular to speak about “human rights” and to point the finger at China for it’s issues in those areas; issues which we rightfully take seriously and issues which they are aware of and in some ways working to improve. BUT, take a look at this photo. I tried to shoot a video but my iPhone is smarter than I am and foiled my best efforts. This very poor shot shows an older lady screaming at the uniformed and plainclothes police. Now try disagreeing in America loudly and even physically with the police and see where it gets you. A bad bet if you’re lucky and terrible pancakes for breakfast. But in China it’s quite normal to see citizens disagree loudly and forcefully with police and in some cases get into shoving matches with them. I can’t imagine a Virginia farmer loudly berating a State cop and even shoving him much less having an altercation with a Prince George’s policeman… goes to show perceptions of a country can be wrong or too simple….

Altercation between elderly woman and policeman



April 22, 2010

Retirement? Not for this healthy old guy. He pedals a pedicab for paying customers like us. What’s that old saying ” if you don’t know who the sucker is in the game it’s you”. He wanted to charge us $10 for our short ride when it should have been $1.30. Normally I would have worked him hard to get the price to $4 knowing I was cheated but giving to a good cause but my marketing manager wouldn’t allow it. Big Bob is it time to get our pedicab out at Virginia Beach?

Another lightly populated metro car

April 22, 2010

With a few million morning commuters criss crossing Beijing it’s often best to use the subway. Take a look at this shot at 10 am in the morning on a lightly populated train heading outside the city….that’s the opposite direction of the heavy morning flow. The nice aspect of this crowd is you can quickly get to know your neighbor and you don’t have to worry about falling. Our marketing manager and I actually stood between the subway cars where there was an extra few inches, the space I call first class…we were headed for meetings with a DVD distributor to sell Q Global’s library of films in China, yes you understood correctly there is a booming market in China for legally licensed non-pirated movies.

Fast Transportation

April 22, 2010

The mad bomber continues to travel economic class due to Depression 2.0. This motorized pedicab was perfect for Beijing traffic. The talented driver went down narrow one way streets, ran red lights while next to legally crossing pedestrians and took every advantage of his dimunitive size to deliver me safe and on-time……”another on-time arrival, watch the overhead bins ladies and gentleman”…..

Cool Stuff in China!

April 21, 2010

A 1400 year old tower sitting placidly in the Shandong countryside. Somewhere close to here ran the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou I believe, a major transportation route for centuries…..typical cool stuff in China….

1400 Year old Pagoda!

A 1400 Year old Pagoda!

Look at the intricate detail!

New Factory?

April 20, 2010

Is that a bare field or a new factory with hundreds of newly employed farmers?

Big Plans for Big Field

New factory plans...

Blue Prints!

We are doing our part to create jobs but where’s Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Wachovia??

Brent Reynolds

Espresso in China

April 20, 2010

What’s a man gotta do to get an espresso in this town? Huludao no. Dezhou no. Nanjing sure but where? Ahhh…Nanjing Airport cafe, latte bliss and espresso heaven.

Mmmmmm Coffeeeeeee

Mmmmmm Coffeeeeeee

MB blog high speed trains, planes and automobiles

April 19, 2010

Spent the day in Huludao then took a 5 hour fast train south for meetings on a new factory. I forgot how well the Shandong Chinese can drink when celebrating with a foreigner. As I sat at our banquet last night dazed after two toasts of bai jiu (jet fuel with a lingering aftertaste of kerosene) I pondered the challenges of carrying on not just an intelligent conversation but simply staying engaged enough to follow the conversation.  A Chinese toast in this case was a fancy stemmed glass holding about 6 ounces of bai jiu so the affect takes over your brain quickly.  I still can’t remember if it was three or four toasts. Our conversation ranged from early jobs we held in restaurants to our mutual interest in better farming methods to increase farmers position in life. We’re hoping to build a joint factory with local leaders support to create a couple hundred or so jobs.

Brent Reynolds

note the swivel seats on the high speed train. you can move them to face foward or backward as you prefer. Nice feature….

The moribund American financial sector

April 16, 2010

Just finished interesting meetings in Portland, Oregon regarding financing, strategy, and design for Mad Bomber®. The search for expansion capital continues in the moribund American financial sector. All banks appear to still be in lockdown regardless of other claims.  It’s very frustrating to grow our business 30-40% with no new capital and we can’t hire more Americans, Americans out of jobs.

Money makes the world go Round!

Money makes the world go Round!

China is now our third largest trading partner and we should be hiring staff to focus more on design, manufacturing, and exporting products and services and instead we’re constantly pounding the pavement looking for capital.

I’m en route to China now. They seem to be sitting on a load of cash but mostly it appears to be parked or loaned to large corporations. Looking forward to being back in China and working on Mad Bomber® design 2011, financing, and Q Global (film imports). And visiting with old friends.

Keep working and helping others…

The Mad Bomber…

Fur on the Runway

April 15, 2010

Fall, it seems, is the season for fur. And there has been no shortage of fur on the runways this spring as designers showcased their collections for fall/winter 2010.

“People are not looking for the big iconic fur coat our mothers wore,” says Izzy Camilleri. “They’re looking more for accessories.” Camilleri explains consumers are now more interested in small fur pieces, which is what IZMA created this season.

Bokshowan, a 25-year-old NAFA employee, sums up the appeal of fur, saying “Girls like wearing fur because it makes them feel kind of badass. It makes them feel super-powerful – they get this feeling of excitement. It’s like a wild haircut.”

Read all about it HERE.

Fur on the Runway?