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Little bombers need help to cook

March 25, 2010


The list below contains suggestions for cooking activities to be used as general guidelines. You know your children best and what their ability levels are. Interestingly our nine year old Niki has been making eggs and hot breakfasts for everyone since he was five; so it really depends on the kid’s developmental level:

  • 2 year olds· Help set the table· Help select fruits and vegetables when shopping· Look at recipe books together and select things to make· Rinse fruits and vegetables at the sink· Tear lettuce· Arrange frozen potatoes on a pan· Stir and mix ingredients· Brush vegetables with olive oil with a pastry brush before roasting
  • 3 and 4 year olds· All of the above plus…· Squeeze and juice lemons and limes· Knead and shape dough· Count items (e.g., carrots, olives, grape tomatoes for a salad)· Cut soft foods (e.g., bananas, strawberries, butter) with a plastic knife· Use a salad spinner· Push buttons on a blender or food processor (supervised)· Pour or add measured ingredients to bowls
  • 5 to 8 year olds· All of the above plus…· Measure ingredients· Crack eggs (I recommend having them crack eggs into a separate bowl in case they leaveshells.)· Beat eggs· Mix and form hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf· Scub potatoes and other vegetables with a vegetable scrubber· Snap ends off green beans and asparagus· Make a salad
  • 9 to 12 year olds· All of the above plus…· Making scrambled eggs· Baking (may require some supervision with using oven)· Follow simple recipes on their own· Cut using a regular knife – with training and supervision as needed· Stir at the stove – with training and supervision as needed

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I made it and I'll eat it!


Spring is in the Air

March 21, 2010

It’s 77 degrees in Virginia and guess you could say summer seems just around the corner. Flowers are popping, kids running wild and happy, fish starting to move again, trout season just around the corner, young lovers look to be taking longer walks in the woods now, budding trees…

BUT….somewhere it’s getting cold like in Tasmania, Australia, Patagonia, South America. Don’t forget your relatives in these colder climes who might your old bomber hat! Watch our website where we will soon present our innovative Fall 2011 ideas.

Enjoy the weather and outdoors.

mad bomber

Sneak preview of possible designs, straight from our design desk:

A Chinese Wedding?

March 11, 2010
Until the discovery of vast coal deposits China was not generally an affluent nation, but some VIPs are doing rather well out of the coal. Life for some Chinese has changed radically by the looks of it. These photos were doing the rounds on the internet. Naturally most Chinese certainly don’t drive these kind of cars, nor will you find them at the local Friendship store (友谊商店)!

Rolls Rolling AlongFast Yellow Shopping Trolley

Humbly Camouflaged