People we meet on the road


Mad Bomber Colour Co-ordinateor and General Admin

Mad Bomber gets inspiration from unsuspecting places far far away.  As Brent & Co travel the world they find inspiration everywhere!

Chinese Latest Fashion

On the Catwalk!

These two ladies above are a great inspiration for future MadBomber designs. If you think you have better ideas we would love to hear from you!


2 Responses to “People we meet on the road”

  1. oleg bocharnikov Says:

    Hi,Brent !I know her.

    No surprise there! Does Oleg know every beautiful girl in Xabarovsk? YOu bet!

  2. Walter van Praag Says:

    Wow, Oleg, she is beautiful… but then again again one in her profession normally is stunning!! Wished I was 30 again…

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