Tantalising Throat Tubes



Remember the warlord who took over part of Somalia, the guy who used to drive a taxi in Virginia?  My taxi man in China recently reminded me of how diverse people’s talents or interests can be.  He had traveled to Turkey, Russia, and had even studied Russian 20 yrs ago.

Imagine the Mad Bomber tooling along the backroads of China conversing in Russian with a Chinese taxi driver.  Is the world getting increasingly flat?

At a restaurant we ate lunch in we had interesting choices:  a cows blood chunks in boiling water or cow throat tube boiled in soup.

Ummm.  I know a few American kids who aren’t going to like those choices.  Our kind hostess even wiped our table….with a grey dirty dish rag.

Yucky Spinach

Remember to appreciate what we have here in America and to help folks who need it.  We are lucky in so many ways.  Keep going outside, turn off the TV, wander around with the kids, and keep warm.


Mad Bomber


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