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Checkpoint Charlie

February 22, 2010

Protecting us from those bad Soviets

‘Protecting us from those bad Soviets’

Checkpoint Charlie was the name of the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War. The Soviet Union erected the Berlin Wall preventing people escaping from East Berlin to West Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of east and west, and a gateway to freedom.

After the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc and the reunification of Germany, the building at Checkpoint Charlie became a tourist attraction and was recently visited by no other than our man Brent R. Reynolds! Brent’s comment: ‘Protecting us from those bad Soviets‘.


Henry needs his own MB hat!

February 21, 2010

Lookin Good Henry!!

Henry needs to get his own Mad Bomber Hat! Henry is just another proud MB owner!

People we meet on the road

February 19, 2010

Mad Bomber Colour Co-ordinateor and General Admin

Mad Bomber gets inspiration from unsuspecting places far far away.  As Brent & Co travel the world they find inspiration everywhere!

Chinese Latest Fashion

On the Catwalk!

These two ladies above are a great inspiration for future MadBomber designs. If you think you have better ideas we would love to hear from you!

Tantalising Throat Tubes

February 9, 2010


Remember the warlord who took over part of Somalia, the guy who used to drive a taxi in Virginia?  My taxi man in China recently reminded me of how diverse people’s talents or interests can be.  He had traveled to Turkey, Russia, and had even studied Russian 20 yrs ago.

Imagine the Mad Bomber tooling along the backroads of China conversing in Russian with a Chinese taxi driver.  Is the world getting increasingly flat?

At a restaurant we ate lunch in we had interesting choices:  a cows blood chunks in boiling water or cow throat tube boiled in soup.

Ummm.  I know a few American kids who aren’t going to like those choices.  Our kind hostess even wiped our table….with a grey dirty dish rag.

Yucky Spinach

Remember to appreciate what we have here in America and to help folks who need it.  We are lucky in so many ways.  Keep going outside, turn off the TV, wander around with the kids, and keep warm.


Mad Bomber

Mad Bomber Hats in Major Snowfight

February 8, 2010
Two friends pause for a snapshot together amid the chaos of a massive snowball fight in DuPont Circle in Washington after an intense winter blizzard hit the nation's capital and much of the Mid Atlantic region.

Is this your hat?

Shown here is the chaos of a massive snowball fight in DuPont Circle in Washington after an intense winter blizzard hit the nation’s capital and much of the Mid Atlantic region. The fight was promoted on Facebook and other social-networking sites. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)…

So who is wearing the Mad Bomber hat??? Reveal your identity for a mystery prize!

Mad Bomber looking for Creativity

February 6, 2010
Mad Bomber's Snow Madonna winner

Mad Bomber's Snow Madonna winner

All creative  reps, distributors, customers and comrades are invited to partake in the following:

Mad bomber invites you to take some time to give us your suggestions and thoughts for the best way to extend the Mad Bomber brand into more products. We are beginning to develop the Fall 2011 line and would appreciate any ideas.

  • What does the Mad Bomber brand mean to you?  When you think of Mad Bomber how do you describe it?  Columbia is an outdoor brand, Nike sports, consider five key descriptors and tell us what you think…..
  • What are the top sellers in our broad outerwear/fashion/outdoor industry?  By that I mean in your market what is HOT and selling most and best?    Without regard to the season….is it Uggs, flipflops, swim/dive bags, hoodies, hats, bomber jackets, cell phones, etc.  We’d like ALL your input and ideas.
  • In the hat area what would you like to see Mad Bomber produce?  Again ANYTHING is open for discussion.

Post your comments below or contact us via out website.

Thank you for participating!

Brent Reynolds

The Mad Bomber Company

China and the West – a point of view

February 6, 2010

This is a note I posted in response to a discussion on a Linked-in group of Chinese-speaking executives
Jan 28, 2010:

Very interesting set of views. Liqun Yang though I like your thinking I have to disagree with your comments about the Google directors and and business operation.

What China does from a western perspective requiring Google and other search engines to “censor” or “screen” searches as well as not allowing facebook and twitter hurts China’s emerging image as a world power and soon-to-be leader on the world stage. We (the world) needs China’s help in solving some of the past intractable problems such as North Korea, Iran, parts of Africa. China has developed excellent and different relations with many areas of the world where common people on the ground could use the help of China and your emerging highly successful and qualified leaders. BUT, with that comes more scrutiny and expectations. We expect Iran or North Korea to heavily censor.

We all have our sensitivities and you seem to be carrying that for now normal 19th Century Chinese sensitivity to the colonialists/foreigners combined with a reasonable nationalistic view. As China emerges and is strongly recognized worldwide as a power competitive/equal with the USA I expect my Chinese friends to experience a transition past all the baggage we’re all carrying and become comfortable and content in your new roles.
In the meantime I’ll continue to support efforts to find common ground.

This Image has now been Censored by MadBomber!


Back to Google; Michael S makes some excellent observations. I haven’t decided yet whether their threats take real courage and I’d leave patriotism out of it for now. That’s another form of nationalism and frankly with two wars running we probably need to tone that down for awhile. I don’t say this critically but simply an observation from a guy who’s “survived” 30 years of business with China and who’s family has had members serve in the military in every generation going back past the Revolutionary War 1770’s.
Does anyone have any inside knowledge of why Google picked this time and issue to stand on and what are they really saying and discussing with the Chinese government?

I feel they’ve made a somewhat courageous stand to simply draw a line in the sand and to “threaten” to act upon it. China is changing, will continue to change, and needs to continue to change and this is one area which will change. If they move this discussion along good for them. We in America are changing and us business folks know “change is necessary” to survive.

To my Chinese friends I only ask to remember no need to become too sensitive on these issues. We want to find reasonable solutions and keep talking. Your star is rising rapidly and with that will come greater expectations from the world.

I’ll end with the nice quote Wei Luo: “The most important sex organ is the brain.” Guess that just means I’ll have to go back to school since I thought it was the little brain.

Brent Reynolds
The Mad Bomber Company