two feet of snow….time to relax


Two feet of snow in Virginia, roads closed, schools closed, only sledding hills open.  All kids and grown kids happy.  Snowboards, sleds, shovels, saucers, sliders, little bombers…..too much fun.  Chocolate chip cookies, homemade Christmas cookies (check out Martha Stewart’s “royal icing”…that’s the trick), Grandma making brownies,  and our now famous homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches…..pure decadence.  

Shipments are late, shipping stalled, business down, retailers closed, economic disaster looms……but folks are stuck at home relaxing, playing with kids (did Sasha really download a $1 game from iTunes?), dance shows, more sledding, ice carvings, movies, frogs are warm and happy, dog is wild, good food and good friends and family…..remember Christmas is about giving…and that can be giving time and love, not always presents.  The gift of time and nice thoughts can be the best gift.  Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and good Holiday.


One Response to “two feet of snow….time to relax”

  1. rattlerjen Says:

    This dog needs to get his own Mad Bomber Hat. Silly guy keeps “borrowing” mine! I wouldn’t be without my hat during this most recent Snowpacolypse. It is always with me when the weather is chilly.

    (Link to Henry the dog and Mad Bomber Hat. ) :

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