High speed trains screaming across the Chinese countryside


blog1 It’s incredible how fast they’ve built the rail lines and supplied the sweet, clean, fast trains and they’re almost all packed. Some of the train stations I recall from the past 30 years travel are long gone replaced by architectural wonders. Tianjin was one station beautifully remade with an outside square like a European square. Fantastic bridges in the distance and sculptures all over. Art, architecture, class. Our Chinese friends are quickly putting their hard earned money to good use. IF you get the chance you should travel here: third world meets classy modern world and fast.

blog 2


One Response to “High speed trains screaming across the Chinese countryside”

  1. Mike Says:

    LOL, what’s an ecological catastrophe or two if in return it gets you things like a high-speed rail link and a cute station? I can’t wait til we reap the fruit from their current water-dam projects. You should visit the White-Baltic Sea Canal, too, given its history you should love it.

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