Bullet Trains and Cockroaches


Bullet trainMany interesting meals in the farmland where the factories are. My favorite meal was where the waitress wore inch long faux eyelashes and I was stuffed with good Chinese food. I’ve had lovely hotels and horrid hotels. Checked in to Kapok at 1 am in Beijing and they only had a “friendship suite” left for me. Beautiful room with living room, two beds, flat panel TV, glass bathroom with huge round soaking tub. Checked out at 7 am, rode two hours standing on a train (but a fast train) since no seats left, and the next night checked into a dingy hotel. Chinese signs are a constant source of amusement. I like the bathroom sign which states “careful floor sippery”. I wonder if a straw is permissible….


One Response to “Bullet Trains and Cockroaches”

  1. Walter van Praag Says:

    What a cool train. You can keep the cockroaches, but I like to have a go in this train! Would Should I order sweet and sour pig trotters, mixed fungi or deep fried chicken-feet for lunch in the restaurant carriage?

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