Notes from China..


China has experienced incredible change in the last twenty years. I used to only hear “mei yo” (don’t have) everywhere but now I can find $80,000 watches, fine restaurants, faster trains, airplane tickets, etc, Imagine thirty hours standing on a train in the cold between cars in the past. Driving through Manchuria in the dead of winter at 100 mph in a black Mercedes. Sleeping on street cots in Hutongs during the hot summers. The spitting or urinating on train floors and carpets. The 80 year old man in Suzhau who spoke Russian, German, and English insisting on walking a mile with me to show me the clearly marked bus sign. China is full of gracious and kind people.

China is still poor but also now a world power. Interesting dichotomy. We need equal relations and China can offer solutions to world problems. We need to communicate, compromise, build relations and exchanges based on respect and recognize China as an equal partner.

As our economy tanks we need to continue to innovate and build more international business. Increase our education and take higher level jobs. We are interdependent with China. In 2005 85% of high-tech Chinese exports were by foreign-owned companies. Watch Buick’s rapid rise in popularity in China now. America should be able to rapidly increase our exports to China and build stronger future relations.


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