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Playing cards and drinking Bai Jiu

October 30, 2009

Chinese always make the best of their time and situation….
One nice thing about China is you can always find some friends to keep you entertained even if you have to sit on your travel bags and play cards…or drink bai jiu….a liquor like jet fuel with 40-60% alcohol. Maybe that’s why I don’t get sick too much; nothing can live in a stomach with bai jiu.

Nice thing about our Chinese friends is they’ll welcome you into a card game, their home, or their train compartment making it easy to learn Chinese and pass the time nicely….

the mad bomber


High speed trains screaming across the Chinese countryside

October 27, 2009

blog1 It’s incredible how fast they’ve built the rail lines and supplied the sweet, clean, fast trains and they’re almost all packed. Some of the train stations I recall from the past 30 years travel are long gone replaced by architectural wonders. Tianjin was one station beautifully remade with an outside square like a European square. Fantastic bridges in the distance and sculptures all over. Art, architecture, class. Our Chinese friends are quickly putting their hard earned money to good use. IF you get the chance you should travel here: third world meets classy modern world and fast.

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Bullet Trains and Cockroaches

October 22, 2009

Bullet trainMany interesting meals in the farmland where the factories are. My favorite meal was where the waitress wore inch long faux eyelashes and I was stuffed with good Chinese food. I’ve had lovely hotels and horrid hotels. Checked in to Kapok at 1 am in Beijing and they only had a “friendship suite” left for me. Beautiful room with living room, two beds, flat panel TV, glass bathroom with huge round soaking tub. Checked out at 7 am, rode two hours standing on a train (but a fast train) since no seats left, and the next night checked into a dingy hotel. Chinese signs are a constant source of amusement. I like the bathroom sign which states “careful floor sippery”. I wonder if a straw is permissible….

Ancient girl

October 21, 2009

Beautiful ancient towns n ladies

Hope their not (sipping) drinking on this floor in China…

October 19, 2009


October 19, 2009

Two inch southern Chinese cockroach joined me for breakfast….
do you prefer sauteed or steamed?IMG_0072

Recycle / Reuse

October 19, 2009

Mad Bomber Since the mid-1990’s we’ve been shipping customers their purchases from us in a reused cardboard box.

We hope to show that we can make a difference and that companies of all kinds can lessen the global demand for new boxes by incorporating reused ones into their shipping program; reducing waste and pollution.

Fast trains, planes n automobiles

October 19, 2009

Check out this smokin fast Chinese train Tianjin to Beijing. As congressman oberstar reports: the Chinese are modernizing their transpo network rapidly. While they do that we’re still searching for the $1 trillion we gave the big American banks. I think that was the sucking sound we heard as the money disappeared down the giant rabbit hole.

Funky Chair in Hotel Lobby in Hong Kong

October 15, 2009
Funk chair in Hong Kong - we call it the "Mad Bomber" Chair

Notes from China..

October 14, 2009

China has experienced incredible change in the last twenty years. I used to only hear “mei yo” (don’t have) everywhere but now I can find $80,000 watches, fine restaurants, faster trains, airplane tickets, etc, Imagine thirty hours standing on a train in the cold between cars in the past. Driving through Manchuria in the dead of winter at 100 mph in a black Mercedes. Sleeping on street cots in Hutongs during the hot summers. The spitting or urinating on train floors and carpets. The 80 year old man in Suzhau who spoke Russian, German, and English insisting on walking a mile with me to show me the clearly marked bus sign. China is full of gracious and kind people.

China is still poor but also now a world power. Interesting dichotomy. We need equal relations and China can offer solutions to world problems. We need to communicate, compromise, build relations and exchanges based on respect and recognize China as an equal partner.

As our economy tanks we need to continue to innovate and build more international business. Increase our education and take higher level jobs. We are interdependent with China. In 2005 85% of high-tech Chinese exports were by foreign-owned companies. Watch Buick’s rapid rise in popularity in China now. America should be able to rapidly increase our exports to China and build stronger future relations.